“[My kids] have really been enjoying [June] lessons! It is a great program! We are looking forward to the [summer] session as well. Thank you!”

“I joined the beginners tennis lessons and am absolutely loving tennis so I’d like to buy a membership.”

“We have been taking lessons at Lakeshore Recreation in Port Elgin for several years and are looking for a change. I have heard so much about your program and we look forward to becoming a part of it.”

“From the early morning games, to the playing on the bench, to the group lessons, to the round robins (and the trips to the Walker House afterwards), it has been a great summer. Along the way, I have so far had a chance to meet new people, watch some great tennis on Cups day and generally just enjoy the club atmosphere. I think it is safe to say I now wear my Southampton Tennis apparel with pride.”

“I am so pleased to have a found a great tennis club for my whole family.”

“One of the best experiences I had in Southampton last summer was being part of the Junior Executive. Not only did I enjoy helping out the club with fundraising but I also made many great friends.”