Fall Tennis Updates


Our nets will stay up for as long as the weather cooperates. Until then, everyone is welcome to play at any of our facilities for free. Please play as often as you like!

Please note court use changes on the hour using the honour system. If you’ve played an hour and someone is waiting to play, please give them your court. And remember to wear masks on Southampton Tennis Club property unless you’re on court. Thank you!

Beach & Uptown Courts

The nets at the beach courts and uptown courts will be taken down once the weather makes it too uncomfortable to play.

Warder Courts

The Warder courts will be closed immediately following the Thanksgiving weekend (October 11).


Great news! Some of our programs will continue into the fall while the nets are still up. Please remember you need to observe social distancing at all times and you need to wear masks on STC property until you’re on court. Thank you!

Women’s Doubles Drop-in (free program)

This program will continue at the Warder courts throughout September and October. You can join us every Monday at 6 pm. Once the days become shorter, we’ll start earlier. Remember to bring your own balls.

Mixed Doubles Drop-in (free program)

This Thursday night program will also continue into the fall while the nets are up. It will start at 6 pm while we still have daylight, then we’ll move up the start time as needed. Please bring your own balls for this one as well.

Private Lessons (paid program)

One of our Senior Instructors will be available for private lessons this fall. Contact Wilton Kahgee directly to make arrangements.