FAQs for Reopening

Why didn’t you put up the nets this spring?

Quite simply, if we put up nets without having staff on site to monitor court use as current circumstances dictate, we wouldn’t be compliant with our insurance requirements. Spring tennis is based on a walk-on booking system. Without clubhouse staff, we would have no idea who played on what court when, and with whom. This information is required for contact tracing. We will be tracking those details once we’re open.

You cancelled many programs that are usually included in my membership fees. Will I receive a discount as a result?

No, discounts won’t be offered because the decision to cancel programs was done out of necessity and was not a choice.  There is currently no provision in the government or OTA guidelines to allow for group lessons, leagues or tournaments. We do not, and never have, offered membership pricing based on utilization of programs. If our programs are why you usually purchase a membership, then we suggest you not join the club this year. We’d miss you terribly but would completely understand.

Do I have to fill out a waiver each time I play?

No. Members and guests over the age of 18 as of June 27, 2020 only need to complete the Waiver & Declaration once for the entire summer.

Now that lessons have been cancelled, will you be moving any permanent bookings to the beach courts? The Warder courts have gates which create a bottleneck for social distancing.

No, all permanent booking courts will remain at the Warder courts. By keeping them at the Warders, you’ll be among other experienced permanent booking users. Unless we make all beach courts permanent booking courts, there will be a mix of players, including many junior players who may not be as careful with social distancing. Plus, this would only work if we moved all permanent bookings to the beach but there aren’t enough courts to accommodate everyone. That means there would be a combination of permanent and regular bookings at the Warder courts, creating the same set of problems with social distancing. We feel the status quo is the best solution.

Here’s how we’re managing traffic at the Warder courts:

  1. The gates will be kept open to allow for the free-flow of players and so people don’t have to touch the latches
  2. We’re moving to a :55 minute court time. That five minute window will allow the courts to clear before the next group of players enter
  3. There will be directional arrows on the deck to move people in one direction only

Why are you offering private lessons for a fee but are not offering group lessons as part of membership?

It’s a question of volume. Demand for group lessons is always high in a “normal” summer and someone is always missing out. In the current environment, we are required to limit group lessons to four people. If we had to limit them to so few participants, our first come, first served system would create even more inequity, for kids’ lessons in particular where we often have 100 kids every morning. Then there are the required ball protocols – each instructor requires their own set of balls, and only they are allowed to pick them up. Telling four children to stay away from each other and not touch the tennis balls would be impossible, and expecting our junior instructors to manage that would be unfair. Plus, kids and adult lessons draw crowds of spectators (parents, siblings, grandparents, spouses) but spectators aren’t allowed to congregate on STC property. We simply don’t have the resources to ensure compliance on the five beach courts all morning every weekday.

It’s easier to manage these issues with private lessons. They’re taught by certified senior instructors only, who are better equipped to ensure participants are adhering to social distancing and ball protocols.