Drop-in Programs

We have a variety of drop-in programs for those members who need playing partners or are looking for a last-minute tennis game. Registration isn’t required – simply show up when it’s convenient. All these programs are included with membership.


The weekday drop-in program includes an optional clinic that focuses on doubles’ strategy. An instructor conducts a short clinic then participants are paired up and play four games before being rotated by the instructor. Play is supervised until noon after which participants are welcome to play on their own for the remaining hour.

Any courts not being used by the clinic group are available for regular drop-in play. You simply take a number from the dispenser and the next numerical foursome takes the court. You play a set (first team to win six games) then the next numerical foursome rotates in. If you want to play again, simply take a new number to get back in line.

This is an opportunity to meet other members in a friendly, inclusive environment while improving your doubles play. We want you to play with and against as many players as possible within the allotted time.


Time:  Monday to Friday from 11AM – 1PM (clinic runs from 11AM – 12PM)
Location:  Warder Courts


Time:  Saturday and Sunday from 9AM – 11AM (no clinic)
Location:  Beach Courts


Every Monday at the Warder courts, women can get in some extra rounds of doubles competition. Just show up and teams will be organized on the spot.

Time:  Mondays at 6PM
Location:  Warder Courts


If you’re looking for something to do on a Thursday night, join us at our mixed doubles social program. You never know what you’re going to get. Maybe singles, maybe doubles. It all depends on who shows up. Remember to bring your own balls.

Time:  Thursdays from 6PM – 8PM
Location:  Warder Courts