Book A Court

At the Southampton Tennis Club, court bookings are required for play every day from 8AM – 8PM in July and August, and can be made in person or by phone at the beach clubhouse. Occasionally, certain courts are designated for tournaments or other special events but these bookings are posted well in advance so you can adjust your plans.

Same-day Bookings

To book in person, bookings begin at 9AM daily at the beach clubhouse.

To book by phone, you can call the beach clubhouse at (519)797-2445 starting at 10AM daily.

Advance Bookings

If you want to get a head start on your booking, you can book one day in advance. Starting at 10AM daily, you can visit or call the beach clubhouse to book a court for the following day. If booking in person, please take a number from our staff to determine your place in line. Please note preference is given to those members booking in person before phone requests are taken.

To book a day in advance, call (519)797-2445.

Permanent Bookings

For seasonal members who prefer a set playing time every day all summer long, we make some courts available for permanent bookings. We set aside several Warder courts for permanent weekday bookings from 8AM – 12PM, from the first weekday of the club’s season to the Friday before Cups Day. These permanent bookings are available for doubles play by seasonal members only. Weekends, Canada Day and the August civic holiday are excluded. Occasionally permanent bookings may be pre-empted by tournaments or club events but notices will be posted in advance.

Here’s how it works:

  • Each group of four must submit their written request for the upcoming summer by April 30th. All four names of the members must be included in the request, along with the desired playing time.
  • Courts are not assigned on a first-come/first-served basis so if requests exceed court availability for a given time slot, a random draw for that time will be held at the Annual General Meeting in May.
  • Only one name from each foursome is used for the draw.
  • If available, an alternate time slot will be offered to those foursomes who did not receive their first choice.
  • All members of the foursome must pay their membership fees by July 1.
  • Please complete the permanent booking form and send it to 165 Lake Street, Southampton, ON N0H 2L0 or