Cups Day Rules

  1. Cups Day is always the last Saturday in August before the Labour Day weekend.
  2. The rain date is always the next day (Sunday). Matches will start/resume at 9AM. If Sunday matches are also rained out, matches will be recorded as “not played” for that year.
  3. All competitors must be available to play Saturday and Sunday of Cups Day weekend. If matches are rained out on Saturday but one opponent is not available to play their match on Sunday, the match will be defaulted. If both opponents are not available to play on Sunday, the match will be recorded as “not played” for that year.
  4. All competitors must have memberships for the month of August or the entire season (July & August).
  5. All events must be played over a two-week period (including three consecutive weekends) in August.
  6. All players must follow the age requirements for each Cups Day category.
  7. Event sign-up sheets and a full listing of Rules for Championship Play are posted in the clubhouse usually for one week leading up to the August Civic Holiday. Players have that week to sign up for events.
  8. Adults must be available to play for the two full weekends preceding Cups Day to be eligible to sign-up for any event. If you sign up and can’t play by the posted “play by” date, matches will be defaulted.
  9. Juniors must be available to play during the two full weeks prior to Cups Day to be eligible to sign-up in any event. If you’re only available for one of these weeks, please do not sign up for any events.
  10. Players may play in several events. The allowable total for adults and juniors is five, but there are limits on what events may be combined. Players may enter:
    • Only one singles event
    • Only one doubles event
    • Only one mixed doubles event
    • Only one parent/child event
    • Both spouse/spouse AND mixed doubles events, only if the spouse is NOT the mixed doubles partner
  11. All entrants (including juniors) are responsible for contacting opponents and arranging match dates, times and locations. Contact information is listed on each draw sheet. Only the Cups Day finals are arranged by the club.
  12. Each match must be played before the “play by” date.
  13. Winners are responsible for recording the match score on the draw sheet at the Beach clubhouse immediately following the match.
  14. All matches must be played by the Wednesday of Cups Week. However, if you are (a) a weekends-only player, (b) have to play a weekends-only player, or (c) there is a weekends-only player you could meet in your section of the draw, then the match must be played by the Sunday preceding Cups Day.
  15. If you sign up for more than two events and are available to play only on weekends, you will likely be playing more than two matches a day on weekends preceding Cups Day
  16. Players are not permitted to delay play until the Thursday or Friday of Cups Week. These two days are reserved as rain dates for matches that were rained out on the “play by” date.
  17. A 15-minute warm-up is permitted for each match.
  18. Courts that have a scheduled permanent booking take priority over Cups Day matches.
  19. Players will use their own balls for all matches. All players should bring a new can of balls to the match. Open one can. The winner keeps the unused balls.
  20. All finals are to be played on Cups Day. The club sets the schedule as soon as all final matches have been determined.
  21. Balls will be provided by the club for all final matches on Cups Day.
  22. All trophies will be presented on Cups Day so pictures may be taken with all players. Once pictures have been taken, all trophies will be kept by the club so that arrangements can be made to have them engraved before the start of the following summer.


Pro 8 set:
The first player/team to win eight games with at least a two-game margin wins the match. If the score is 8-7, the match can be won at 9-7. If the score reaches 8-8, a 12-point tie-breaker should be played. The first player/team to win seven points with at least a two point margin wins the match.

2 out of 3 sets:
The first player/team to win two sets wins the match. If each player/team wins a set, a third and deciding set is played. If any set reaches a score of six games each, a 12-point tie-breaker should be played. After a tie-breaker has determined a set, ends of the court are changed. The player/team that served first in the tie-breaker starts receiving the next set.


A reminder about our Cups Day custom where players usually exchange balls during each match. This ensures the winners will always have new balls for their next match. Here’s how it works:

  • If Team A opens a new can for the match and wins, Team B should give Team A a new can of balls to replace the used balls, and Team B takes the used balls.
  • If Team A opens a new can but loses the match, no balls are exchanged.