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Tennis Practice

Junior Lessons


The Southampton Tennis Club follows the progressive tennis model where the size of the child determines the size of the equipment.

5-7 Year-olds:  Red Ball Program, 36 ft. Court
For children from 5 to 7 years old just starting to play, we offer a full lesson program using low nets, reduced court size, and low-compression balls. The goal is to help kids feel comfortable on a tennis court, grasp basic ball control techniques, and learn the basic rules of play and etiquette. The focus is on fun more than form!

To participate, kids must turn five years of age in the calendar year.

8-10 Year-olds:  Orange Ball Program, 60 ft. Court
For this age group, our lesson program includes reduced court size drills and games, and low-compression balls. Our goal is to introduce the fun and fundamentals of tennis to older children who are new to tennis or have not played much.

How to register for U10 lessons: Membership required. No pre-registration required.
For weekday lessons, place your child’s member tag on the lesson board near court 3 the day of the lesson and they will be assigned to a court. For weekend lessons, sign up court side at the Warder courts the day of the lesson.


For kids 11 to 17 years-old who have the skills to play full-court tennis. This is a full lesson program designed to meet the needs of a wide range of ages and abilities.

How to register for 11-17 lessons: Membership required. Sign up, at the Beach Clubhouse, opens at 11 am the day prior to your lesson or court side the day of the lesson. Space is limited for safety reasons. First Come first served.

WEEKDAY LESSONS (Monday to Friday - Beach Courts)



U10: 5-10 year-olds

U10: 5-10 year-olds

11-17 year-olds (advanced)

11-17 year-olds (intermediate)

11-17 year-olds (novice)

July 2 to August 23






WEEKEND LESSONS (Saturday and Sunday - Warder Courts)



11-17 year-olds

July 7 to August 18



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