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Tennis Practice

Junior Tournaments

Our lessons and round robins are great ways for the kids to develop their skills, but we know it’s important to give juniors a chance to test their skills and sportsmanship in a tournament. Because not all junior members will be available to play in our annual Cups Day tournament in August, we convene doubles and singles tournaments in July, both by age categories. The matches are played at the Warder courts on South Street.

We also have an orange ball tournament for 7- and 8-year old kids. Instead of the regular yellow tennis balls, the kids use the low-compression orange balls which are more suited for their age and size.


Each tournament has a small entry fee:

Singles – $10/junior
Doubles – $10/junior
Orange ball – $5/junior


Check out the events calendar to see when these tournaments are scheduled.

Kids can sign up and pay their entry fee at the Beach Clubhouse.

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