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Tennis Practice

STC Court Use

  1. All 15 courts are available for play every day in July and August (except on Cups Day, the last Saturday in August before the Labour Day weekend.)

  2. Only paid members and their paid guests are permitted to use the courts and participate in programs/events during the season. By becoming a member or a member’s guest, a person agrees to abide by the club’s rules and code of conduct.

  3. Members must wear the current STC shoe tag during play at all times. Players not wearing the tag may be asked to leave the court.

  4. Court bookings are required for play every day through July and August.

  5. Courts may be booked every hour on the hour, from 8 am – 8 pm.

  6. A minimum of two members’ tags are required to book a court.

  7. Only one court at a time may be booked by a pair of members.

  8. Players are requested to check-in with clubhouse staff before heading out to play.

  9. There’s a 20 minute grace-period for players who have booked a court. However, if they don’t show up after that or if the court is otherwise available (during our season or off-season), the court is open for use but still switches up on the hour.

  10. If you need to cancel your court, please advise the Beach clubhouse before the booked court time.

  11. If members book a court but don’t show up and don’t cancel the court, they will be required to pay a fine of $2 each. Their tags will be removed and only returned to the tag board once the fine is paid.

  12. Use of Southampton Tennis Club courts for paid private lessons is restricted to the club’s current senior instructors.

  13. With the exception of club lessons, players may use more than 6 balls per court only when adjacent courts are empty or being used for lessons.

  14. The club is responsible for its facilities throughout the season. However, all users of the facilities shall be respectful of members, guests, and neighbours in all respects including keeping roadways, drives, and paths clear of parked cards and bicycles, keeping noise to a minimum, and not littering.

  15. A member’s (or their guest’s) failure to comply with the club’s rules or code of conduct may result in the temporary or permanent suspension of all or some of that member’s (or guest’s) membership privileges.

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