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Tennis Practice

Private Lessons

Looking to bring your game to the next level this summer?

Is it time to put your name on a Cups trophy?

Private Lessons are a great way to improve your game.

They give you private or semi-private time with one of our Senior Instructors to work on specifically your game.

Our Senior Instructors (below) are available for one-hour private lessons starting May 30.

All of them are certified by Tennis Canada and current members of the Tennis Professional Association.


  • To book a lesson, contact an instructor directly

  • Lessons need to be booked or cancelled at least 24 hours prior to the lesson times and any no shows will be charged in full


  • Payment must be made via eTransfer only, directly to the instructor

  • Please email your payment to the instructor the day of your lesson, prior to the start

  • If you are not a member of the club, you’ll also be required to pay the daily guest fee so that you have court booking privileges (only applies during the summer)

Hourly Rates:

For 1 Person (fully private) - $50

For 2 People (semi-private) - $70

For 3 People (semi-private) - $75

For 4 to 6 People (private group) - $20/person

Please note that use of Southampton Tennis Club courts for paid private lessons is restricted to the club’s current roster of Certified Instructors.

Senior Instructors for Summer 2023


Charlie Wood

Staff Supervisor


Matt Killeen

Adult Programs + Competitive Play


Wilton Kahgee-Millar

11-17 Programs + Cardio Programs


Virginia Walker

10 and Under Programs

Certified Instructors at Southampton Tennis Club

Abeti Botterell 519-851-7206.jpeg

Abeti Botterell

Audrey Henderson 416-990-5811.jpeg

Audrey Henderson

Coen Rocha 416-568-1943.jpeg

Coen Rocha

Harry Callaghan 647-616-5489.jpeg

Harry Callaghan

James Marshall 647-227-0780.jpeg

James Marshall

Ryan Stevens  905-601-7237.jpeg

Ryan Stevens


Willow Tapping

Ball on Tennis Court

Want Private Lessons?

Contact the instructor of your choice to arrange a package and times that work for you

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