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Tennis Practice

Private Lessons

Looking to bring your game to the next level this summer?

Is it time to put your name on a Cups trophy?

Private Lessons are a great way to improve your game.

They give you private or semi-private time with one of our Senior Instructors to work on specifically your game.

Our Senior Instructors (below) are available for one-hour private lessons starting May 25.

All of them are certified by Tennis Canada and current members of the Tennis Professional Association.


  • To book a lesson, contact an instructor directly

  • Lessons need to be booked or cancelled at least 24 hours prior to the lesson times and any no shows will be charged in full


  • Payment must be made via eTransfer only, directly to the instructor

  • Please email your payment to the instructor the day of your lesson, prior to the start

  • If you are not a member of the club, you’ll also be required to pay the daily guest fee so that you have court booking privileges (only applies during the summer)

Hourly Rates:

For 1 Person (fully private) - $50

For 2 People (semi-private) - $70

For 3 People (semi-private) - $75

For 4 to 6 People (private group) - $20/person

Please note that use of Southampton Tennis Club courts for paid private lessons is restricted to the club’s current roster of Certified Instructors.

Senior Instructors for Summer 2023 - 2024 list coming soon!


Charlie Wood

Staff Supervisor


Matt Killeen

Adult Programs + Competitive Play


Wilton Kahgee-Millar

11-17 Programs + Cardio Programs


Virginia Walker

10 and Under Programs

Certified Instructors at Southampton Tennis Club

Abeti Botterell 519-851-7206.jpeg

Abeti Botterell

Audrey Henderson 416-990-5811.jpeg

Audrey Henderson

Coen Rocha 416-568-1943.jpeg

Coen Rocha

Harry Callaghan 647-616-5489.jpeg

Harry Callaghan

James Marshall 647-227-0780.jpeg

James Marshall

Ryan Stevens  905-601-7237.jpeg

Ryan Stevens


Willow Tapping

Ball on Tennis Court

Want Private Lessons?

Contact the instructor of your choice to arrange a package and times that work for you

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